Professional Project Management for all Types of Construction 


A successful construction project starts and ends with reliable project management. There are so many things to think about like:   How to prepare for the start of construction? What needs to be done ahead of time? Who needs to be hired and when? And those are just some of the things to figure out even before starting on the execution of a project. A reliable and experienced project manager will work closely with you from the early stages of planning through to the completion of your new home.

At Texo Pacific Ltd our expert project management team ensures that things get done right at every stage of a building project, including interior and exterior design and construction. They plan when to employ the service of an architect, an engineer, an interior designer, and a construction team and what materials will be needed at every stage of the process. Our vast range of experience in the building industry means that we are able to partner with the right contractors to ensure that your project will be done on time, efficiently, and cost-effectively.


Our Reputation for Quality and Efficiency

Working closely with our clients from the early design stages through to the final handover, we use our extensive project management skills for planning, scheduling, and sourcing high-grade, quality materials and the best equipment for the job. Our aim at all times is to achieve the best functional and aesthetic outcomes, always working closely at every stage with you the client to ensure that you are fully informed and satisfied with progress. Our ability to source the best quality materials from reputable companies ensures that our projects are always delivered within budget and our top-rated project management skills ensure that each stage of the project is completed on time. Our main aim is to manage your project in a way that will maximize your construction budget.

Scope of Services

Our scope of services is tailored to match each individual client’s needs with the main focus on effective and efficient management, ultimately aimed at protecting the interests of our clients.

The Job of a Project Manager

Our expert project managers assigned to each project take pride in the professional services they provide. Backed by outstanding knowledge in the field of project management, they are able to provide excellent project leadership and team management while keeping the focus on client involvement and effective communication throughout all stages of the project.

A project manager’s job is to identify the main objectives of a client, establish work schedules, and draw up budgets. Throughout the project, they monitor the progress of different trades, facilitate coordination between teams, track project documentation, follow up diligently on all details, and resolve all issues timeously.

At Texo Pacific we have an expert team of project managers to ensure that your specific project will be handled correctly from start to finish, ensuring a successful outcome for both parties. We want you to be extremely satisfied with the quality and expertise that we can offer to the extent that you will feel happy to recommend our services to others or to utilize us again in the future if you need any of our other services like renovations.


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