Agricultural Construction Experts


At Texo Pacific we understand the unique challenges faced by farmers balancing the multiple demands of agricultural productivity, animal health, waste management, storage, and future expansion. Farmers are continually under pressure to manage risk and improve profits while ensuring regulatory compliance.

Agricultural facilities offer many challenges when it comes to planning and building structures. Some need to be built to very high standards in order to function properly and others are located in hostile environments. Building structures have to face challenges such as corrosive materials, silage, bulk fertilizers, and dairy effluent or wash water from processing. Considerable regulation exists around these activities and standards have been set for buildings and installations that need to be met.


What makes Texo Pacific Construction the best choice for you?

Our team can help you plan for all these eventualities and help you design and build structures that are compliant. Factors that should be considered when siting and building farm structures include: drainage; waste management; odor control; water supply, utilities, and services as well as regulatory requirements.

Texo Pacific has a wide range of experience in the planning, design, and construction of agricultural facilities. We are able to manage all stages of a project. Our qualified construction team is able to handle any type of engineering challenge presented in order to deliver the best possible solution. Let our expert team of professionals take charge of all your agricultural building structure needs and peace of mind.


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Since its beginning, Texo Pacific strives to build a strong and respected reputation for quality, reliability and cost efficiency. We are committed to excellence, integrity, innovation, and, above all else, client satisfaction. We aim to continue our legacy of successfully completing building projects for satisfied customers throughout British Columbia.

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